08 Global Learnings

Year 8:  Full Year / 2 Semesters / Global Learnings

Australian Curriculum Website:  https://australiancurriculum.edu.au/f-10-curriculum/humanities-and-social-sciences

Pre-Requisite:  Nil



Year 8 Global Learnings Curriculum is based on 4 strands from the Australian Curriculum:


The year 8 curriculum provides a study of history from the end of the ancient period to the beginning of the modern period, c.650– 1750 AD (CE). This was when major civilizations around the world came into contact with each other. Social, economic, religious and political beliefs were often challenged and significantly changed. It was the period when the modern world began to take shape.


‘Landforms and landscapes’ focuses on investigating geomorphology through a study of landscapes and their landforms. ‘Changing nations’ investigates the changing human geography of countries, as revealed by shifts in population distribution.

Civics and Citizenship

The year 8 curriculum provides a study of the responsibilities and freedoms of citizens and how Australians can actively participate in their democracy. Students consider how laws are made and the types of laws used in Australia. Students also examine what it means to be Australian by identifying the reasons for and influences that shape national identity.

Economics and Business

The year 8 curriculum gives students the opportunity to further develop their understanding of economics and business concepts by exploring the ways markets – including traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander markets – work within Australia, the participants in the market system and the ways they may influence the market’s operation. The rights, responsibilities and opportunities that arise for businesses, consumers and governments are considered along with the influences on the ways individuals work now and into the future.

Topics may include

  • western or medieval world
  • the asia pacific world
  • expanding contacts
  • landforms and landscapes
  • changing nations
  • government and democracy
  • laws and citizens
  • citizenship diversity and identity
  • economic and business knowledge and understanding


Students will be assessed against the Australian Curriculum year 8 history, geography, civics and citizenship and business and enterprise achievement standards.

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