10 Physical Education 1

Year 10: 1 Semester / Responsible Living

Australian Curriculum Website: https://www.australiancurriculum.edu.au/f-10-curriculum/health-and-physical-education/

Pre-Requisite:  Nil


Students participate in a variety of physical activities to challenge their movement capabilities and their understanding of tactics. Invasion games may include: basketball, netball, flag football, touch football, ultimate frisbee, team handball or soccer. Other activities may include: badminton, table tennis, softball, golf.
Students challenge their physical ability to transfer movement concepts and strategies to a variety of sports. They will use video technology to analyse and improve performance.

This program prepares students for Stage 1 Physical Education or Stage 1 Volleyball.

Topics may include

All topics are taught through practical play. Students will explore and participate in:

  • tactical analysis in invasion games
  • strategic improvement in a variety of games
  • analysis skills using different forms of technology such as GPS, movie editing, and excel graphing


Students are assessed against the Health and Physical Education Australian Curriculum achievement standards.

Physical performance 

  • students demonstrate their ability to apply movement concepts and strategies to a variety of sports

Participation and collaboration

  • students participate and collaborate with their peers and contribute to effectively to the team and the class

Analysis and reflection

  • students analyse techniques, performance, movement concepts and strategies

Additional Information

Students are required to change into PE uniform for practical lessons.