Heathfield High School has a strong commitment to a diverse and engaging performance based music program. Students are provided with many performance opportunities within the school and wider community.

Private instrumental and vocal tuition is provided in school both by IMS Instrumental Teachers and Private providers, with the Music Program being supported by an active Music Committee.

Students in the music program are enrolled on the basis of ability, aptitude and commitment. Undertaking the subject, students are required to study an instrument or voice. The school is able to offer advice on appropriate hire arrangements/purchases of musical instruments.

Music Ensembles

It is an expectation that all students studying music will participate in at least one ensemble. The ensemble groups include -

  • Senior Jazz Band.
  • Woodwind/Brass.
  • Strings.
  • Drum Corp and Marching Drum Band.
  • Choir including Senior and Middle School Vocal Groups.
  • Guitar Ensemble.
  • Contemporary Ensembles including Rock/Jazz/Country/Roots/Dance and Original.

Music Performance/Experience

Music students from all year levels participate regularly in live performances including -

  • Community concerts, benefits and cabaret: ‘Tapas Melodia’, ‘The Summer Proms’, ‘Bombora’.
  • Formal recitals at school and in the wider community: ‘Fine Music’, ‘Presentation Evening’.
  • Regional band tours, camps and workshops; ‘The Wallaroo Music Workshops’, Year 8 Camp and the feeder primary schools mentoring music program.

Music Curriculum: Middle School

Music students in Years 8, 9 and 10 -

  • Develop their knowledge of musical notation and structure through rehearsals and practical application.
  • Analyse musical works of varying and appropriately challenging levels of difficulty.
  • Study musical improvisation, arrangements and composition.
  • Study and present different genres of music to audiences from various social backgrounds.
  • Discuss, listen and evaluate music of different epochs and cultures, with particular focus on Indigenous Australian, Torres Strait Islanders and the Asian-Pacific Region.
  • Research/Investigate and write about music from a social and contextual perspective.

Please note that the Middle Years Music program can, with the involvement and decision of Music teachers, lead into Senior School.

Music Curriculum: Senior School

Students who have demonstrated an acceptable level of musical competency are encouraged to access the senior music program. To ensure successful outcomes, students are encouraged to discuss course choices with music staff. At this time, depending on numbers, Heathfield High School offers an Advanced SACE Stage I course and Music Craft at SACE Stage II level incorporating -

  • Solo Performance.
  • Compositing and Arranging.
  • Music in Context.
  • Ensemble Performance.
  • Individual Study.

Music units reflect industry requirements and pathway diversity and cohesion in terms of tertiary and professional endeavours.