Senior Years


Heathfield High School’s Senior School curriculum is centred on the acknowledgement of our students as young adults. As active learners they progress at different rates, and need multiple challenges. Our Senior School curriculum is broad and varied. Our Senior School students direct their own learning, with flexible school structures supporting them in developing responsibility for their own learning.

Heathfield High School acknowledges that as learning becomes increasingly specialised according to our students’ needs and pathways beyond school, it is most appropriately offered not only in school, but also in workplaces and community settings. Our students learn about and participate in a full range of transition programs related to future training, education, career, and employment opportunities.

Students continually extend and reflect on their knowledge and experiences, and are encouraged to develop a critical awareness of self and others in order to work productively with a diverse range of people.

Please consider carefully the learning opportunities available. Parents are welcome to contact the school for further information. Current teachers, Curriculum Area Coordinators, the Senior Years Coordinator, the Senior Years Assistant Principal, the Student Counsellor, or the VET Coordinator will be able to assistant with queries.

Subject Information

Information about individual subjects is available by clicking on the name of the subject in the course outlines. For each subject, the information includes -

  • A description of the subject.
  • The area of study for the subject.
  • Information about the assessment methods for the subject.
  • The length of the subject in semesters.
  • Any preferred background that students should have prior to commencing a subject. It is important to be aware of the preferred background for subjects to be studied in senior years, so that appropriate background subjects can be chosen in earlier years.
  • Any special costs associated with a subject. While most subject costs are covered by government grants and parent fees, some costs are not covered. These include some excursions or extra-curricular activities, and any individual subject costs for materials or tuition of a special nature. Special subject costs are subject to variation due to price increases.
  • Any special conditions or other information specific to the subject.
  • Additional information is provided for Vocational Education and Training (VET) subjects.