Heathfield High School has developed a proud tradition of involvement in a variety of sporting activities. Our sports program and physical education curriculum both recognise the health and social benefits to students, school and community of participation in regular physical activity.

In order to cater for the diversity of talent, experience and interest among our students, and to allow opportunities where all students feel comfortable to be involved in physical activity, the school sport program recognises and proceeds with a three tiered approach. This includes -

  • elite sporting opportunities
  • general interest sporting activities.
  • one-off experiential sporting situations.

In the elite sporting arena, Heathfield High School’s Special Interest Volleyball program has achieved outstanding success over a period of nearly thirty years. In addition, the school offers our students participation in a variety of sports at local, Knockout (SASSA), State and National levels. Many athletes from the school have become representatives at the highest level in a variety of sports. Sports which are available (depending on student demand) include -

  • Athletics
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Cross country
  • Football
  • Netball
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Swimming
  • Table tennis
  • Tennis
  • Touch
  • Volleyball

Heathfield High School offers all our students the opportunity to participate in a variety of one-off sporting activities, in a competitive yet non-threatening manner. The emphasis in these events is on social and fun elements. The school holds a swimming carnival, a track and field athletics day, 'come-and-try' soccer and touch activities at lunch-time, together with activities organised by the Student Representative Council and Big Brothers and Sisters. These activities all provide avenues for our students to experience sport in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

The formal aims of the Heathfield High School’s sport program are –

  • to offer all of our students the opportunity to experience sporting competition at a level commensurate with their ability, interest and commitment.
  • to offer our students the opportunity to extend the depth and breadth of experiences in the Physical Education curriculum.
  • to provide extra-curricular activities enabling our students to appreciate the diversity of educational experiences afforded them at school and allowing them opportunities for a more “rounded” overall education, and eventual healthy lifestyle and quality of life.
  • to provide our students with a quality sporting experience with access to thorough coaching, management, officiating and administrative procedures.
  • to perpetuate a heritage of opportunity and achievement in a diversity of sporting activities.
  • to provide opportunities for reciprocal sporting arrangements to be developed between school and community personnel and organisations.

Please contact the Sports Coordinator if you would like any further information about Heathfield High School’s sports program.