Homestay Program

At Heathfield High School, we are preparing our students for the future. Our students are growing up in a world which is becoming much smaller through increased travel and ease of communication and we are connecting our students to this world through our International Program.

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Heathfield High School hosts students and teachers from all over the world, in particular Japan, Indonesia, Brazil, France, Germany and Republic of South Korea, who come to be a part of our school community for a period of time to learn in our schools. Many of these students are here to practise their English language and our homes are a great and practical place to do this. Being a homestay family means inviting a student to become a part of your family for the time they are here. For many students and families, this relationship can last well beyond the visit to Australia and, for some, it will lead to life-long friendships.

Hosting a student from another country gives your family a wonderful opportunity to share cultures in your own home.

If your students are involved in Heathfield High School’s International Tours, or some of the specialised programs, your family will be asked to become involved in the Homestay program as part of fundraising.

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How long do the students stay?
     Generally we host students and teachers for between 1 and 10 weeks.

What about the language barrier?
     The students usually come with average to very good English skills. They are here to use their skills in ‘real life’ situations.

How old are the students?
     Many visits involve students aged 15 – 17.

Will we be paid to host the students?
     Most of our visits are organised by agents and there is an arrangement for homestay families to be paid a contribution to support the visit.

What do these students need?
     The students need a safe and welcoming home. They need to be made a part of your family while they are here.

What do we need to do as a family?
     Once you have decided that you would like to be involved as a ‘host family’, you will need to be placed on our ‘Homestay Register’ of interested families.

It is now a legal requirement that:

  • Every person over the age of 18 living in your household need to be police checked. The school can arrange this.
  • Someone from the school visits your home to check suitability for having a student

Please click on the following links to download important Homestay Program documents.

For more information please contact the Assistant Principal, International Programs at, or phone the school on 8139 9300.