Students for Students (S4S)

Middle Year S4S

Middle Years S4S (Students 4 Students) Group is a committee of Middle Years Students who represent the Middle Years student body from Years 8 and 9. Students are self-nominated and selected through an interview process. Two middle school captains and two vice captains are also elected to support the team.

Middle years S4S meet on a regular basis every fortnight on a Thursday in a formal meeting environment to build leadership skills and be a voice on behalf of their peers. Middle Years students also have the choice to be part of an environmental committee meeting on the alternative week to S4S. This forum provides students with the opportunity to make improvements to our environment at Heathfield High School.

Middle Years S4S Students are also involved in directing the Middle Years ACE Challenge. Each ACE Group is to work together to support one local, national or global charity throughout the year. This support could come in the form of organising a fundraiser or community event which raises awareness of your cause, letter writing, organising guest speakers, collecting donations for your cause or any other appropriate forms of support. This project is not necessarily about raising money but making their charity known.

If you would like to know more about the Middle Years S4S please contact our Middle Years Coordinator via the Front Office.

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Senior Years S4S

The Heathfield High Senior School S4S committee is made up of students from Year 10 to 12 who meet weekly to give students at Heathfield a voice. The meetings are chaired by our School Captains, follow an agenda and are minuted by one of our Senior students. Issues discussed include fundraising, student wellbeing, uniform, school facilities and leadership.

Annual events that S4S organise or attend include -

  • BBQ’s at the Swimming Carnival and Sports Day.
  • Involvement in the World Vision 40-hour Famine and the Global Leadership Convention.
  • Casual Days to raise money for various charities, such as Operation Flinders, Red Cross, Sammy D Foundation and others.
  • GRIP Leadership Summit
  • Upgrading school facilities with some of the funds raised (eg. Extra seating around school for students to socialise during breaks, drinking fountains for filling water bottles)

Through their involvement with S4S the students gain knowledge on how to run a formal meeting, how to plan events using multiple strengths within a group, learn compassion for others and take action to make a difference. Many of these skills will serve them well in future employment and day-to-day life. Heathfield High School is very proud of what the S4S Committee have achieved and each member is congratulated for their participation.

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