Short Stays

Heathfield High School hosts many short-term visits by international student groups. These visits last for between one and three weeks, with international visitors being hosted by Heathfield High School families. During their time at our school, visitors are allocated a student 'buddy', normally from their host family, to assist them and help them to make the most of their stay.


Our Short-Term Visit programs are dynamic and fun, and all students progress in their understanding and use of the English language. Whilst each program is specifically tailored to the requirements of the visiting international school, the program would normally comprise English language classes at school in the morning, followed by classroom integration with their buddy, or visits to local attractions in the afternoon. Students then return to school in time to travel home with their host families. On weekends, the international students join in normal family activities, and the special activities that their host families organise for them.


International schools interested in Heathfield High School's Short-Term Visit program should visit the South Australian Government International Students website, and express a preference for a short-term visit to Heathfield High School.