07 Digital Technologies

Year 7: 2 Semester / Advanced Technologies

Australian Curriculum Website:  https://v9.australiancurriculum.edu.au/f-10-curriculum/learning-areas/digital-technologies/year-7

Pre-Requisite:  Nil


Digital Technologies students in Year 7 will be introduced to cross-curricular required computing skills initially, moving into the Digital Technologies curriculum that explores Digital Systems and Data representation and interpretation.

Students will decompose real-world problems using computational thinking methods to develop digital solutions that involve programming in different programming languages.  Students will explore this safely, learning about the safe use of ICT's and how to manage their privacy and security while online throughout the course.

Topics may include

  • Communicating at school via ICT's
  • Preparing documents using Microsoft Office software
  • Sharing & collaborating via cloud services (OneDrive)
  • DATA acquisition, management, and interpretation
  • Computational thinking methods
  • Digital design thinking
  • Production of programmed digital solutions


Students will complete several different assessment tasks both formative and summative associated with learning content throughout the subject, these will be assessed against the Australian Curriculum Achievement Standards

Assessments focus on students:

  • Knowledge and understanding of Digital Systems and Data Representation
  • Process and production skills relating to their ability to acquire, manage and analyse data, their use of computational thinking skills to design programmed solutions and their privacy and security when working with ICT's

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Last updated: June 2023