Pay Invoices

BPOINT is an online payment processing facility that you can use to pay Heathfield High School invoices. BPOINT has replaced the old bizgate payment facility.

To process a one-off payment, you should:

  • Click on the BPOINT logo below.
  • Enter the Family ID code from your school invoice or statement.
  • Enter your family name.
  • Enter the invoice number or description of the payment.
  • Enter the amount of the payment.
  • Click on one of the icons to select your card type.
  • Enter your card number.
  • Enter the card expiry date.
  • Enter the 3 digit card verification number (CVN) from the back of your card.
  • Click on the Proceed button.

After several seconds, your payment will be processed, and your receipt will be displayed. You can either:

  • Click on the Print View button and then print a copy of your receipt.
  • Enter your email address and click on the Send button to receive an email copy of your receipt.

Your payment is now complete.