Study Abroad Program

Students in the Study Abroad Program come to Heathfield High School as full fee paying students, and live in government organised and approved homestay accommodation. Our school accepts Study Abroad students who complete stays from as short as five weeks, up to stays as long as twelve months. Study Abroad students can choose from a formal academic program of study, or a more cultural/experiential program of study that is suitable for their interests and needs.


For students who have a limited command of English, Heathfield High School can offer access to an Intensive Secondary English Course (ISEC), where students improve their general English language skills, while also learning the specialist language of different academic areas. On completion of the ISEC course, students enter mainstream classes while continuing to study English as a Second Language (ESL).

South Australian Government Schools can help you enrol to study abroad at our school. For other enquiries about studying abroad please contact the International Education Services office at or +61 8 8226 3402.

For further information about the Study Abroad Program, please visit 'International Education Services' at the South Australian Government International Students website, and express a preference for placement at Heathfield High School.