Student Wellbeing

Jess Jennings (Wellbeing Leader) - Monday to Friday

Caitlin Trott (Youth Worker) - Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Chloe Harnett (Youth Worker) - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Josh Fergie (Student Intervention Support)Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Gemma Giannes (Student Intervention Support) - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Jasmine Wannop (Pastoral Care Worker) - Tuesday and Friday

Chris Oxenham (Pastoral Care Worker) - Tuesday and Friday

Nicola Williams (Headspace Clinician) - Fortnightly Tuesdays


As a student wellbeing team, we are in a unique position of trust. It requires high standards of ethical behaviour.

We work in partnership with students, parents and carers, educators and the wider community to promote and safeguard student wellbeing and optimise learning.

 In our roles, we:

  • protect student rights
  • respect a student’s right to informed choice and informed consent
  • use ethical decision-making when we respond to conflicts and dilemmas
  • respect the privacy of students and keep information confidential
  • advocate for students by promoting student voice and leadership
  • respect and promote the essential humanity, worth and dignity of all people
  • recognise and respect diversity among people and oppose discrimination and oppressive behaviour
  • support students in care and indigenous students
  • lead a whole school approach to student wellbeing and mental health
  • evaluate and facilitate access to relevant programs, initiatives and services for staff and students
  • provide support to help manage personal issues and relationships with family, teachers and peers
  • respond to crisis situations, for example contact Social Work Incident Support Service (SWISS)
  • advise and refer students to support services and therapeutic services, for example Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) Headspace Summit Health, GP, Young Carers
  • have responsibilities as mandated notifiers of child abuse and neglect.

Boundaries of the services we provide

Student wellbeing team members do not offer therapeutic intervention or a professional counselling service.

We are responsible for:

  • encouraging attendance, positive engagement and behaviour and learning at school
  • educating and coaching students to manage relationships with peers, teachers and families
  • crisis responses
  • brief intervention and referral to professional services.