The Special Entry Pathway

Students are able to apply to become part of our Entrepreneurial Specialisation at year 7 and 8. The pathway is integrated through the Global (HASS) Learning Area. Students will be use Problem, Project and Inquiry Based Learning to explore and understand what it means to be entrepreneurial, and the mindsets required to be successful.

Students will also have a number of important, engaging and exciting experiences at each year level throughout the pathway. These will be unique to the Special Entry cohort and will enable them to develop their Entrepreneurial Capabilities and capacity.


Year 7 students in the Special Entry Pathway will be together for Global – Humanities as well as LIFT and Empowering Futures (1 Semester). Students in Year 7 will also participate in the World Peace Game, Young Change Agents and to explore their own Passion Projects to begin bringing their own ideas and interests to life.


Year 8 students in the Special Entry Pathway will be together for Global – Humanities as well as LIFT and will undertake the Future Problem Solvers, the $20 Boss program, a Mindset Challenge with Sekseed and a Financial Literacy Challenge, all while learning about Entrepreneurship in the community.


Students continuing in the Entrepreneurial Pathway through year 9 will have a number of additional activities to explore Social Entrepreneurship in the Community, to further develop their business ideas through Social Enterprise Schools and to support the school’s International Focused “Bringing the Adelaide Hills to the World” Program. Students will also have the opportunity to engage with local Industry on exciting programs such as AusOcean and Jurlique.

YEAR 10:

Throughout year 10, students will participate in the Young Change Agents Life of a Start-Up Program and continue exploring their passions, social enterprises and opportunities to connect with the wider community. Students will continue to explore their passions and unique interests or enterprises into Semester 2 with Passion Projects using the SACE Business and Innovation Framework

Video 1: World Peace Game (April)

Video 2: World Peace Game (ABC)

Video 3: $20 Boss Program

Video 4: Young Change Agents: