The Special Entry Program

Students are able to apply to become part of our Entrepreneurial Specialisation at year 8 and 9. The program is integrated through the Global (HASS) Learning Area. Students will be use Problem, Project and Inquiry Based Learning to explore and understand what it means to be entrepreneurial, and the mindsets required to be successful.

Through Digital Technologies and Home Economics (Food and Textiles), students will also use the Design Thinking Process to develop their critical and creative thinking with an Entrepreneurial focus.

Students in the year 8 program will be part of several exciting learning initiatives, including the World Peace Game, $20 Boss and Young Change Agents. At year 9, students will complete a range of design thinking and product based challenges.  Students will also have the opportunity to create, pitch, market and explore the world of social entrepreneurship in the local community.

Video 1: World Peace Game (April)

Video 2: World Peace Game (ABC)

Video 3: $20 Boss Program

Video 4: Young Change Agents: