Internal Trials

At times during the year, Internal Trials are offered to current HHS students.

Selection Criteria

Selection is based on a range of criteria assessed in the physical trial, referee statements and student reports which will include:

  • "coach-ability" (follows instructions, thinks independently)
  • athleticism (power, strength and aerobic capacity)
  • excellent hand/ eye coordination
  • ability to work in a team
  • school reports (positive work habits and striving for success)
  • physical education grade in 2023 (year 8’s only)
  • Heathfield physical education teacher recommendation in 2023 (year 8’s only)
  • student behavior records

High level of physical capabilities, tested by:                                                                         

  • vertical jump
  • shoulder throw
  • coordination throw test
  • agility speed test

 *Students are expected to have a high level of cardiovascular endurance, although this will not be tested at the trials*

If selected students are expected to:

  • Demonstrate a willingness, desire and commitment to developing their own skills and knowledge within volleyball
  • Complete all required theory work and tasks, thoroughly and on time
  • Be prepared for each lesson with appropriate uniform, footwear and safety equipment
  • Continually strive to improve their skills and knowledge in all aspects of their schooling
  • Provide a positive role model for others in their approach to learning, school rules and behavior
  • Be active participants in Sports Day and Swimming Carnival
  • Be available to represent the school in a range of other sporting events the school offers
  • Abide by the spirit and rules of their sport, behave in a dignified manner
  • Play in regular Volleyball competitions (Junior League Friday nights) – Non negotiable
  • Compete in the South Australian (Adelaide over a weekend) and Australian Volleyball School Cups (Gold Coast for a week in December)

Approximate Costs

The minimum cost for the first year of the program will be approximately $3000 (subject to change, based on 2023 fee’s). This includes: uniform, semester fees, end of year tournament, State Cup and the regular Friday night competition.

How do you apply?

Year 7 to 9 in 2024 - Applications are open for limited spaces to students who are at Heathfield High School in 2024  

To apply, please complete an application, please do so by clicking here.