Staff Contacts

Executive Leadership Team
Principal Bev Collis
Deputy Principal Derek Slater
Senior Leader – Teaching & Learning Lindsey Crowe
Assistant Principal – Senior Years and SACE/VET Bob Phoumirath
Assistant Principal – Middle Years and School Culture Ross Wall
Senior Leader – Student Information Systems/Timetabling Danielle Speer
Business Leader Ben Bersten
Leaders of Learning
Leader of Learning – Year 7 April Lewis-Christie
Leader of Learning – Year 8 Alex Cardone
Leader of Learning – Year 9 Aaron Kempe
Leader of Learning – Year 10 Donna Hatswell
Leader of Learning – Year 11 Caitlin Taylor
Leader of Learning – Year 12 Jason Dikkenberg
Learning Area Leaders
Learning Area Leader – Mathematics Nicholas Cole
Learning Area Leader – English Brigid Hazelwood
Learning Area Leader – Science Andrew Stone
Learning Area Leader – Responsible Living Katie Hart
Learning Area Leader – Humanities Tim Byers-Thomas
Learning Area Leader – Technologies Simon Ellison
Student Wellbeing Leader Gemma Viselli
Additional Roles
Inclusive Education Manager April Lewis-Christie
Entrepreneurial Manager Xan Royall
Volleyball Manager Lachlan Abbott
Music Manager Michael Clayton
The Arts Manager Josh Haynes
International Manager Ash Chambers
Student Attendance Manager Scott Madsen
Administration/Support Staff Teams
Student Services
Information Technology
Abbott, L Hiser, V
Arnold, L Holbrook, J
Aylmore, R Howie, S
Barnes, T Hubrechsen, C
Baum, E Jennings, J
Bennett, E Karpenko, J
Bowd, J Lucas, T
Burgess, C Madsen, S
Castle, L Maple, L
Chambers, A Matthews, R
Chauhan, N McNicol, C
Circelli, L Moore, A
Civetta, L Moore, B
Clayton, M Nation, P
Collins, J Pathan, F
Dahlitz, J Remete, N
Daniell, N Royall, X
Di Virgilio, N Salt, B
Dimas, M Tamblyn, J
Doolan, N Taylor, N
Earl, M Tyndale, K
Everett, S Wherry, C
Haynes, J Whitford, M
Healey, D Wright, K
Herman, G Wyndham, A
Heyne, D Zander, M