School Leadership

Executive Leadership Team
Principal Bev Collis
Deputy Principal Derek Slater
Senior Leader – Teaching & Learning Lindsey Crowe
Assistant Principal – Senior Years and SACE/VET Bob Phoumirath
Assistant Principal – Middle Years and School Culture Ross Wall
Senior Leader – Curriculum, Assessment, Reporting and Curriculum Implementation Nick Cole
Business Leader Ben Bersten
Leaders of Learning
Leader of Learning – Year 7 April Lewis-Christie
Leader of Learning – Year 8 Alex Cardone
Leader of Learning – Year 9 Dave Bennett
Leader of Learning – Year 10 Donna Hatswell
Leader of Learning – Year 11 Caitlin Taylor
Leader of Learning – Year 12 Jason Dikkenberg
Learning Area Leaders
Learning Area Leader – Mathematics David Heyne
Learning Area Leader – English Brigid Parker
Learning Area Leader – Science Mandy Moore
Learning Area Leader – Responsible Living Katie Hart
Learning Area Leader – Humanities Tim Byers-Thomas
Learning Area Leader – Technologies Simon Ellison
Student Wellbeing Leader Jess Jennings
Additional Roles
Inclusive Education Manager April Lewis-Christie
Entrepreneurial Manager Xan Royall
Volleyball Manager Lachlan Abbott
Music Manager Michael Clayton
The Arts Manager Josh Haynes
International Manager Nicole Doolan
Student Attendance Manager Scott Madsen
School Services Officers Leaders
Business Leader Ben Bersten
IT Manager Dale Lewan (0.2) / Adam Flint (1.0)
Finance Manager Stacey Edmonds
Executive Administration Manager Donna Richards-Stone
Daily Operations Manager Indah Sorson
Facilities Manager Ben Duffield
Governing Council
Chairperson Pia Wells
Deputy Chairperson Michael Barry
Treasurer Craig Tonkin
Secretary Robyn Faber
Parent and Community Members Julia Humphries
David Hill
Stuart Rusted
Tim Verryt
Robert Tilley
Nikki Coates
Pheoebe Parker
Chere Reichi
Simon Jones
Staff Members Ben Bersten
Lindsey Crowe
Student Representative April Strevens
Lotte Paterson