Year 7 Home Economics

Year 7: 1 Semester / Responsible Living

Australian Curriculum Website:

Pre-Requisite:  Nil



Students will be introduced to the Home Economics kitchen with a focus on safety, sensory analysis and working sustainably to avoid food wastage and recipe analysis.  Basic food preparation techniques will be explicitly taught to allow students to develop independence in the kitchen.

Topics may include

  • getting started in the Home Economics kitchen
  • healthy eating
  • dough works
  • sensory analysis
  • knife skills
  • measuring


Students are assessed against the Technology and Health and Physical Education Australian Curriculum achievement standards.

  • practical applications
  • written evaluations
  • class participation
  • inquiry task

Additional Information

In some instances, students may wish to bring extra ingredients and materials for presentation of work to supplement those provided by the school.

Last updated: June 2023