07 Music

Year 7: 1 Year / The Arts

Australian Curriculum Website:  https://v9.australiancurriculum.edu.au/f-10-curriculum/learning-areas/music/year-7

Pre-Requisite: Year 8 students choosing Heathfield High School’s music program are recommended to have joined the program in yr 7, however an audition can be arranged before subject selection.


Music students will be introduced to the elements of music through researching, experimenting and creative arts practice. The students will apply these skills to various types of music making, including digital recording and arranging technologies.

Students will develop an insight into musical culture and meaning within music and will learn to respond to and evaluate musical compositions and performances including their own and that of their peers.

Students will develop their solo and ensemble performance skills through structured performance opportunities. Music theory involving key signatures, scales, chords, note values, related rests and aural recognition will be covered.

Topics may include

  • music theory
  • solo performance
  • ensemble performance
  • musical history


Students are assessed against the Music Australian Curriculum achievement standards:

  • performance(s)
  • theory test(s)
  • history research assignment
  • music analysis

Additional Information

Students are enrolled in the music program for the full year. Students are required to undertake instrumental music lessons on their chosen instrument. The school can assist by advising on reputable providers of musical instruments. Students may learn instruments at school through private arrangements with individual instrumental teachers. The fees and payment for these lessons are made directly to the private providers.

Instrument Hire - quality student instruments may be obtained from the Instrumental Music Service (IMS), or through a local or regional musical instrument provider. The provision of appropriate instruments is the responsibility of parents and students.

It is compulsory for all students to participate in class/school and community performances (some may be outside regular school hours).  Performance with dates given well in advance.