09 Food By Design

Year 9:  1 Semester / Responsible Living

Australian Curriculum Website:  https://www.australiancurriculum.edu.au/f-10-curriculum/health-and-physical-education/

Pre-Requisite:  Nil


Students are given the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge of food preparation.

Focusing on developing an understanding of the properties of food and applying this using the design process. Students will also develop their nutritional knowledge and understanding, again applying the design process by creating numerous products including: high fibre and protein muffins, showcasing a product that demonstrates the properties of eggs and Oz-Asian fusion foods.

Topics may include

  • guiding study on eggs
  • food technology and food science
  • designing food - focus OZ Asia


Students are assessed against the technology and health and physical education Australian Curriculum achievement standards.

Three major assessment tasks will form the basis of the assessment.  Each task will involve 3 elements:

  • problem solving or investigation
  • practical application
  • evaluation

Additional Information

In some instances, students may wish to bring extra ingredients and materials for presentation of work to supplement those provided by the school. While there are no pre-requisites for this course, some knowledge and skills in food preparation would be an advantage.

Students may require materials such as cardboard for assignment tasks completion.