10 Advanced Mathematics Elective

Year 10:  1 Semester / Advanced Technologies Mathematics

Australian Curriculum Website:  https://australiancurriculum.edu.au/f-10-curriculum/mathematics

Pre-Requisite: This subject is intended for selection by interested students who have received a ‘C’ grade or better in year 9 Mathematics. 10 Advanced Mathematics must be studied concurrently with Year 10 Mathematics 2.


Year 10 Advanced Mathematics is an elective subject in semester 2 that aims to deepen students’ conceptual understandings and provide additional challenge for students interested in studying mathematics.

It is an elective subject that must be chosen in addition to mathematics 2 – this subject cannot be studied independently of mathematics 2, and cannot be chosen alongside mathematics G.

The course focuses heavily on high level abstract mathematics, and introduces the concept of mathematical proof. Strong algebra skills will be required throughout all topics.

Year 10 Advanced Mathematics will be very useful (but not required) for students intending on studying Mathematics 1, 2, 3, and 4 in year 11 and Specialist Mathematics in year 12.

Topics include

  • surds, indices & logarithms
  • polynomials
  • exponential relationships
  • circle geometry



Students are assessed through a variety of assessment tasks, including tests and investigations. Assessment is conducted against the Australian Curriculum Achievement Standards.

Assessments focus on the following skills:

  • routine computational & process skills
  • problem solving in applied contexts
  • communication, both in written English and mathematical notation
  • understanding & interpretation of results

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