10 Literary Studies English

Year 10:  1 Semester / Global Learnings English

Australian Curriculum Website:  https://australiancurriculum.edu.au/f-10-curriculum/english

Pre-Requisite:  Nil


Year 10 English Literary Studies involves reading and viewing a wide range of literary texts constructed for different purposes and audiences, with a focus on critical thinking.

Students will encounter different opinions about texts and have opportunities to:

  • exchange and develop ideas
  • find evidence to support a personal view
  • learn to construct logical and convincing arguments
  • and consider a range of critical interpretations of texts

Students analyse the interrelationship between the author/ director of the text and their audience. There will be an emphasis on language and stylistic features and how these shape ideas and perspectives in a range of contexts.

Students will consider the social, cultural, economic, historical and/or political perspectives in texts and their representation of human experiences

They will anaylse the application of text conventions  when deconstructing and creating texts.  They will explore the audiences' position when responding to ideas and perspectives in the text. By focusing on the creativity and craft of the authors/directors, students develop strategies to enhance their own skills in creating texts and put into practice the techniques they have observed.

Topics may include

  • responding to texts
  • creating texts
  • intertextuality study


Students are assessed against the English Australian Curriculum achievement standards:

  • receptive modes: listening, reading and viewing
  • productive modes: speaking, writing and creating

In each semester of English students will complete the following summative assessments

  • 1 text response
  • 2 creative pieces
  • 1 intertextual piece or comparative study

Additional Information

Enrolment in Year 10 English Literary Studies is based on a student’s achievement in Year 10 English semester 1, and the recommendations of their Year 10 English teacher.