10 Music

Year 10: 2 Semesters (Specialist Music students must choose Music A and B for the full year.) / The Arts

Australian Curriculum Website:  https://www.australiancurriculum.edu.au/f-10-curriculum/the-arts/music/


Students wishing to undertake music at year 10 should have been involved in the specialist music program in year 9. Please consult the music staff if you have further enquiries.


Music students will build on the foundations of music in year 8 and 9 with the refinement of their performance skills in a solo and ensemble performance each term. Students will critically analyse and evaluate music and artists from different musical genres. Students will analyse theoretical tasks such as jazz and classical harmony and use these to influence their on composing. Students will be exposed to song writing and recording allowing students to interpret, perform, and arrange music. Students engage in the study of music theory, aural development and research projects. This course encourages students to develop creative composition and arranging skills. Students will perform to the school and the wider community throughout the year.

Topics may include

  • aural training
  • composition/ music technology
  • solo/ ensemble performance and performance preparation and skill development
  • sound recording and editing
  • PA set up
  • analysis of elements of music
  • history of jazz
  • classical music
  • theory - grade 3 theory equivalent music performance


Students are assessed against the music australian curriculum achievement standards:

  • practical: practice and performance investigation skills
  • music
  • theory
  • composition

Additional Information

Year 10 students are required to have successfully completed year 9 music. Students are enrolled in the music program for the full year. Students are required to undertake instrumental music lessons on their chosen instrument. The school can assist by advising on reputable providers of musical instruments. Students learn instruments at school through private arrangements with individual instrumental teachers. The fees and payment for these lessons are made directly to the private providers.

Instrument hire - quality student instruments may be obtained from the Instrumental Music Service (IMS), or through a local or regional musical instrument provider. The provision of appropriate instruments is the responsibility of parents and students.

It is compulsory for all students to participate in class/ school and community performances some outside regular school hours.  Performance dates are given well in advance.


Costs: Nil