10 Special Interest Volleyball (Boys)

Year 10: 2 Semesters / Responsible Living

Australian Curriculum Website: https://www.australiancurriculum.edu.au/f-10-curriculum/health-and-physical-education/

Pre-Requisite: Successful completion of the year 9 course or by negotiation with the volleyball manager


The Special Interest Volleyball program (SIV) is recognized across Australia and even Internationally as a unique program that is intense and physically challenging, with the aim of developing athlete’s individual and team skills to their full potential. Participation in both the beach and indoor disciplines could lead to selection in school, state and national teams. Entry is through successful completion of the Year 9 course or through a selection process only. Students may be required to train out of school hours as determined by the SIV Program and the coaching staff. Personal growth is a core aim of the program with development of appropriate learning habits, concentration, teamwork, trust and goal setting.

Topics may include

Practical components include:

  • volleyball skill development
  • volleyball game play
  • skill analysis
  • fitness development
  • umpiring

Theory components include:

  • attitude
  • communication skills
  • fitness testing
  • leadership
  • rules of the game and umpiring
  • goal setting


Students are assessed against the health and physical education australian curriculum achievement standards.


  • practical assessment evaluated against the SIV skills continuum

Written evaluation

  • theory topics cover individual skill analysis, team analysis evaluations and sport psychology assessments

Additional Information

Costs: $160 fee per year applies.

Students are required to wear the Volleyball training uniform for lessons.

Students are expected to follow the volleyball core values.

All subject costs are subject to approval, are approximate and subject to change in 2022.