10 Visual Art B

Year 10:  1 Semester (can choose visual art A and B for the full year) / The Arts

Australian Curriculum Website:  https://www.australiancurriculum.edu.au/f-10-curriculum/the-arts/

Pre-Requisite:  Nil


Student artists will create advanced artworks with emphasis on 3 dimensional sculptural processes and printmaking techniques. The course will focus on building and construction techniques as well as carving practices. Students will consider material limitations and problem solve to create challenging art work and objects.

Students will continue to develop in planning and ideation of projects using digital technologies, while improving their drawing skills and refinement capabilities.

Students will critically analyse artworks engaging in the work of the artist and reflecting and evaluating the artistic themes.

This course can lead to Stage 1 Visual Art/ Design.

Topics may include

  • visual study art for a purpose social, historical political purpose
  • printmaking: etching line and texture
  • screen printing the rise of popular culture
  • visual study pop art
  • 3D multi-media construction
  • ephemeral art / environmental art practices
  • sculptural carving
  • zine individual student choice of environment artist
  • visual study printmaking
  • reflection and evaluation
  • arts specific language and analysis


Students are assessed against the visual arts australian curriculum achievement standards:

  • folio of development
  • practical artwork/ products
  • visual study: analysis of art movements reflection evaluation of others and own arts practice

Additional Information

Students will require:

  • USB storage device
  • students may need to purchase additional printing and/or internet credit