11 Biology B

SACE Stage 1: 10 Credits / 1 Semester / Advanced Technologies

SACE Website:  https://www.sace.sa.edu.au/web/biology/stage-1

Pre-Requisite: An achievement level of 'B' or better in year 10 Science


The SACE Stage 1 Biology B course has been designed to encompass the fundamental concepts of biology and enhance student’s practical skills, scientific knowledge and application. This will enable students to make informed decisions in preparation for SACE Stage 2 course selection and provides a model for students intending to study SACE Stage 2 Biology. Students are involved in collaborative and individual investigations.

Topics may include

  • scientific inquiry
  • biodiversity and ecosystem dynamics
  • multicellular organisms

included in each topic is a focus on future pathways in science



Students complete assessment tasks based on the following assessment types:

  • investigations folio
  • skills and applications tasks

Additional Information