11 Physical Education B

SACE Stage 1: 10 Credits / 1 Semester / Responsible Living

SACE Website:  https://www.sace.sa.edu.au/studying/subjects/physical-education-stage-1-from-2019

Pre-Requisite: Satisfactory Achievement of year 10 physical education or volleyball would be an advantage, though not a requirement


Through physical education, students explore the participation in and performance of human physical activities. It is an experiential subject in which students explore their physical capacities and investigate the factors that influence and improve participation and performance outcomes, which lead to greater movement confidence and competence.

Students will participate in a variety of physical activities potentially including: team handball, basketball, netball, aquatics (sailing), gaelic football, lacrosse and touch.

With a strong focus on data collection and analysis students will use various technologies (drone footage, video, HR monitors), to analyse and improve performance, participation, collaboration and communication.

This program prepares students for SACE Stage 2 Physical Education.

Topics may include

All topics are taught through practical play. Students will explore:

  • movement concepts and strategies in a court invasion game
  • communication and collaboration through aquatics
  • exercise physiology and fitness aspects through a field invasion game


Students are assessed on the 3 focus areas.

In movement:

Students use various technologies to collect and analyse data during practical invasion games. They explore offensive and defensive structures, and reflect on the movement concepts and strategies.

About movement:

Students develop communication and collaboration skills through their aquatics practical. They investigate ways to improve participation or performance.

Through movement:

Students collect and analyse data on their performance during practical invasion games. They explore exercise physiology concepts, fitness requirements and how to better develop their skills and gameplay.

Additional Information

Costs: Course fee of $80.00 includes the two days Aquatics activities – subject to change in 2020

The Heathfield school PE shirt must be worn for practical lessons