12 Creative Arts

SACE Stage 2:  20 Credits / 2 Semesters / The Arts

SACE Website:  https://www.sace.sa.edu.au/web/creative-arts

Pre-Requisite:  Nil



Students will develop and understand design skills and techniques to create works, using digital media technologies. These digital artworks may include Digital photography, Film or experimental videos, animation, digital graphics or illustration. Students will choose their own themes to work with. They will be assessed on their process of thinking as well as finished artworks. Students will investigate and review an area of digital practice that is of interest to them, or that is closely connected to their own chosen digital art product. Students are required to conduct a focused exploration and application of skills appropriate to their preferred area of digital art. This enables students to further develop and refine their creative arts skills, analyse their possible applications and evaluate the ways in which their skills have developed and improved.

Topics may include

  • multimedia
  • photography
  • desktop publishing
  • sound editing
  • image manipulation (Adobe Photoshop)
  • film making
  • digital animation
  • app development


Folio of investigation, development, production and reflection resulting in 2 products 50%

  • inquiry of practice and practitioners: 20%
  • practical Skills: exploration and evaluation to refine skills: 30%

Additional Information

Students may need a hard drive for collecting evidence. Students may also need to purchase additional printing/internet credit.