12 Drama

SACE Stage 2:  20 Credits / 2 Semesters / The Arts

SACE Website:  https://www.sace.sa.edu.au/web/drama

Pre-Requisite: An achievement level of a ‘C’ or better in stage 1 drama



Students acquire the skills and understanding to generate creative and imaginative solutions to the challenge of staging theatrical works. Drama values the exploration of all forms of learning, integrating the creative with the physical and the intellectual. Students analyse texts and other materials, performances, and their own learning. As students experience diverse perspectives and challenge their own imaginations, they have the opportunity to develop confidence in their own ideas. Drama involves working collaboratively to manipulate words and images to create meaning that is shared with an audience. The exploration of drama through participating, viewing, and critiquing is an important part of the process of achieving an artistic and socially and culturally relevant production. Students are expected to work effectively with others and show considerable initiative in each aspect of the course.

Topics may include

Group production

  • students will participate in a group production of a chosen text in either an offstage or onstage role. Each will creatively interpret and experiment with their role, polishing in rehearsals and production meetings and presenting to a live audience. Students will be marked by external assessors on the final night of their performance.

Group presentation

  • students will be taught the style of a theatre innovator and in small groups produce a performance demonstrating their knowledge and understanding. In this presentation students will be assessed in offstage roles as either a director/ costuming/ multimedia design/ set/ lighting/ sound design). They will also produce a backup folio that demonstrates their creative intentions and process.

Interpretative study

  • students will explore a play text as a class and then produce an individual product (either on or offstage) for the play. Their product and knowledge and understanding of the text will be presented in a multimodal pre-recorded presentation.


    • students will see at least 2 live theatrical productions over the year and produce two reviews that analyse and evaluate the production and practitioner intentions (maximum 2000 words). Students will also analyse and evaluate their role in the group production producing a group production report (maximum 2000 words).


Students are assessed against the SACE year 12 (stage 2) drama performance standards.

Students demonstrate their learning through the following assessment tasks:

  • group presentation
  • group production, externally assessed
  • interpretive study
  • folio

Additional Information

A definite commitment to after-hours rehearsals and performances are required


Costs: $100.00 for live performances – subject to change in 2020