12 Music

SACE Stage 2:  20 Credits / 2 Semesters / The Arts

SACE Website:  https://www.sace.sa.edu.au/web/music-explorations

Pre-Requisite:  an achievement level of “C” or better for year 11 music experience



Students who have demonstrated an acceptable level of musical competency are encouraged to access the senior music program. To ensure successful outcomes, students are encouraged to discuss course choices with music staff. At this time, depending on numbers, Heathfield High School offers the following stage 2 music course; solo performance ensemble performance, music explorations. Music units reflect industry requirements and pathway diversity and cohesion in terms of tertiary and professional endeavours.

Ensemble (10 credits)
This course enables students to draw together their musical understanding, skills, technique, and accuracy whilst working in a band. Students are to complete three performances 6 to 8 minutes in length, with a discussion paper and an evaluation to be completed in conjunction with the second and third performances.

Solo (10 credits)
This course enables students to interpret musical works, and apply their knowledge and understanding of style, structure, and conventions appropriate to their chosen repertoire. They apply their musical skills, accuracy, and technique, and understanding of stage presence, to present their performance as a soloist. Students are to complete 3 performances 6 to 8 minutes in length, with a discussion paper and an evaluation to be completed in conjunction with the second and third performances.

Music Explorations

Students creation of an original melody or a song with lyrics, and explain the intent of their composition and provide evidence of the skills and techniques they used, in a composer’s statement.

They also present a portfolio that comprises: a set of short performances 8 and 10 minutes in length or compositions 4 and 6 minutes in length, and/or other musical products 3 to 4 minutes in length then a commentary on the processes of exploration and experimentation that they have used. Students synthesize their learning to present a final creative work (performance 6 to 8 minutes in length or composition 3 to 4 minutes, or arrangement) and a discussion of that work.

Students are assessed against the SACE Year 12 (Stage 2) Music performance standards.

  • musical literacy
  • explorations
  • creative connections


Students are assessed against the SACE year 12 (stage 2) music performance standards.

  • performance 
  • performance and discussion
  • performance portfolio

Additional Information

Students are required to undertake instrumental music lessons on their chosen instrument. The school can assist by advising on reputable providers of musical instruments. Students learn instruments at school through private arrangements with individual instrumental teachers. The fees and payment for these lessons are made directly to the private providers.
Instrument Hire - quality student instruments may be obtained from the Instrumental Music Service (IMS), or through a local or regional musical instrument provider. The provision of appropriate instruments is the responsibility of parents and students
It is compulsory for all students to participate in class/school and community performances some outside regular school hours Performance dates are given well in advance.