12 Specialist Mathematics

SACE Stage 2:  20 Credits / 2 Semesters / Advanced Technologies

SACE Website:  https://www.sace.sa.edu.au/web/specialist-mathematics

Pre-Requisite:  This subject is intended for selection by students who have achieved a grade of 'C' or better in Year 11 Specialist Mathematics. An achievement level of 'B' or better in Year 11 Specialist Mathematics is highly recommended.


Specialist mathematics draws on and deepens students' mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding, and provides opportunities for students to develop their skills in using rigorous mathematical arguments and proofs, and using mathematical models. It includes the study of functions, calculus, complex numbers and three dimensional vectors.

The subject leads to study in a range of tertiary courses such as mathematical sciences, engineering, computer science, and physical sciences. Students envisaging careers in related fields will benefit from studying this subject.

Topics may include

  • mathematical induction
  • complex numbers
  • vectors in three dimensions
  • integration techniques and applications
  • rates of change and differential equations


A variety of tasks allow students to develop knowledge, skills and understanding through

  • innovation and creativity
  • critical thinking and problem solving
  • effective oral and written communication
  • knowledge and understanding

Assessment tasks include:

  • skills and applications tasks (school-based tests) – 50%
  • folio (school-based investigations/ projects) – 20%
  • examination (a 2-hour external assessment task) – 30%

Additional Information

Access to an approved graphics calculator (not supplied by the school) is required.

To be successful in this subject a significant amount of study is required outside of the classroom.

Last updated: 01/07/22