12 Volleyball Pathways

SACE Stage 2: 20 Credits / 2 Semester / Responsible Living

SACE Website:  https://www.sace.sa.edu.au/web/cross-disciplinary-studies

Pre-Requisite: Successful completion of the Year 10 Volleyball course, or by negotiation with the Volleyball Manager. Subject offered in year 11 and 12 in 2023, only Year 11 in 2024. 


Students will undertake a range of coaching courses to become qualified coaches within the game of Volleyball. Students will plan and execute coaching sessions for a range of Primary school students, as well as HHS VB junior teams. Students will be expected to assist at events, in lesson time, and on some weekends. Students will reflect and evaluate on their planning and execution of trainings and events. Assistance with promotion of program throughout primary schools.

Research into future pathways, fuel and recovery, skill analysis and grassroots volleyball.

Topics may include

Students may study:

  • volleyball coaching
  • promotion of the volleyball program
  • skill analysis
  • future pathways
  • fuel & recovery 
  • grassroots volleyball


There are four different assessment types:

  1. Commentary (30%)
  2. Group Project (20%)
  3. Presentation and Discussion (20%)
  4. Anaylsis (30%)

Additional Information

Successful completion of Year 10 and/or stage 1 Volleyball

Course Fee $250.00

Fees may change prior to January 2024 when invoices are sent.

Last Updated: June 2023