Subject Information FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Subject Selections/ Course Counselling

If my child doesn’t like a subject and wants to change courses, what is the process?

Changing subjects has major implications for students, parents/caregivers, teachers and the school. As a general principle only students in years 11 and 12 can request a subject change. Students have been provided the opportunity to complete a Career Plan and Career Investigator through our Careers website. Careful planning through this process should ensure changes do not need to be made. Not liking a subject is not a sufficient reason to request a change.  A change of subjects will only be considered if the reason is based on: 

  • Medical grounds – a medical certificate will be required.

  • Undertaking external tertiary study, or change in vocational pathway or career direction - need to be researched thoroughly and presented in writing to either Leader of Learning or Assistant Principal, Senior Years.

  • A Heathfield High School teacher recommendation in writing, based on student’s prior or current performance. This needs to occur before the non-negotiable semester deadlines.

In considering any change, careful consideration will be given to class sizes and other interrelated factors.

Who do I speak to if we are unsure about a subject?

Specific information regarding subjects can be obtained by contacting the relevant Learning Area Leader;

  • Advanced Technology – Nick Cole

  • Arts – Lindsey Crowe

  • Global Learnings – Tim Byers-Thomas

  • Responsible Living – Katie Hart

  • Science – Tom Mayfield

Can my child take a year 12 subject without taking it in year 11 (pre-requisites are not stipulated)?

If a year 12 subject descriptor or flow chart does not state that the necessity to study a specific subject in year 11, a student can choose the year 12 subject.

My child has additional needs, who do I speak to about their pathway?

  • for supported students our Adaptive Education leader
  • for wellbeing needs our Wellbeing Leader
  • for all other needs the relevant Leader of Learning

Does my child have a study line in the senior school? Can they leave school in a study line?

Year 12 students generally have a study line to help manage their workload.  Year 11 students may have a study lesson or academic mentoring session on a line, depending on the subjects chosen and timetable structure.

Who does my child speak to about careers?

Home Group teacher in the first instance as they will be overseeing the Careers Investigation curriculum. These staff will be able to refer students to other relevant staff should there be a need.

If my child undertakes a VET course, do they have a study line? Do they have to catch up on the lessons they missed, if so, how do they do that

Yes, if your child is attending a VET course, they are allocated a study line. Students are timetabled to a study area where they catch up on the lesson missed due to their VET day. It is important for parents to know this is a teacher supervised study line and students can request assistance with their missed lessons during this time.

I think my child needs Special Provisions, how does that work?

The SACE Board recognizes the need for Special Provisions for some students. Early notification to your child’s Leader of Learning, along with any supporting documentation is essential to ensure appropriate and relevant provisions are in put in place for your child’s learning.

How do I know what subjects my child needs to study if they want to pursue a specific University course?

Refer to the SATAC or relevant University publication or web page to check for any pre-requisites associated with the desired course.